About Rim Rock Engineering

We welcome the opportunity to provide you with the following brief synopsis of our company, and invite you to take a moment to review the attached project and principal resumes for an itemized overview of some of our qualifications and experience.

Rim Rock Engineering, LLC, is a high-quality structural engineering firm based in Las Vegas, Nevada. We are committed to excellence in providing sound construction documents, drawings and calculations that are both efficient and builder-friendly.

Rim Rock’s owners and primary principals share over 40 years of combined experience in engineering design and construction and are professionally licensed in Arizona, California, Nevada and Utah.

This experience combines with our high level of service to provide sound engineering solutions that exceed our clients’ expectations in quality and excellence. Effective communication, specific attention to detail, and hands-on construction experience make us the perfect choice to provide responsive, accurate and economical engineering services from design through construction. We are confident that Rim Rock Engineering can effectively meet all of your structural engineering needs.

Please keep us in mind when selecting a structural engineering firm for your next project.


Rim Rock Engineering, LLC